Conception and development of a strategy for entering the US market with an IT product (app) for an IT service and solution provider

in the role of consultant


Company: Provectus Technologies GmbH
Industry: IT
Turnover: n.a.
Employees: 125
Company headquarters: Munich

Situation in the company:

  • A new product (app) has been developed and marketing in Europe has started.
  • Now the aim is to achieve further int. markets.


Role: Consultant
Period (duration): 11/2023 to 02/2024 (3 months)


Development of a market entry strategy for the US market for an IT product (smartphone app). The first phase of the process focused on reviewing the business case and analyzing potential.


  • Examination of the framework conditions in the USA

  • Testing and development of one or more USPs for the North American market

  • Identification and potential assessment of possible target industries

  • Examination of possible distribution channels and identification of the best distribution channel for Provectus Technologies GmbH in the USA


  • Market-relevant USP worked out and found to be a relevant product for the US market by various discussion partners
  • Potential analysis has shown that market entry could be of great economic importance for Provectus Technologies GmbH

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