On-site validation and roll-out of the market entry strategy for the US market of an IT product (app) for an IT service and solution provider

in the role of Interim Manager Internationalization


Company: Provectus Software GmbH
Industry: IT
Employees: 125
Company headquarters: Munich, Germany
Internet: www.provectus.de

Situation in the company:

  • A new product (app) has been developed and marketing in Europe has started.
  • Now the aim is to achieve further int. markets.


Role: Interim Manager Internationalization
Period (duration): 03/2024 to 07/2024 (5 months)

Area of responsibility:

  • Sales territory USA & Canada
  • Sales & Marketing for North America


  • On-site verification and start of implementation of the market entry strategy developed in phase 1 for the US market for an IT product (smartphone app).


  • Preparation, implementation and follow-up of an 80-day USA trip
  • Acquisition of potential new customers / customer visits in the USA
  • Detailed feedback on the app, current functions and suggestions for improvement from the customer’s perspective
  • Maintaining and expanding the network
  • Attending trade fairs and conferences
  • Development of a detailed strategy to further develop the market


  • A total of three (3) potential new customers were acquired (companies are currently in the test phase)
  • Acquisition Talks with other potential customers are underway
  • Very good feedback on the app and interesting suggestions for improvement for the further development of the app for the US market
  • Successful validation of the market entry strategy and definition of the next steps

Special challenge:

  • Identifying and contacting as many potential customers as possible in a short period of time

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